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The engine is open source and under development. Details.

Quick Start

To create a TypeSpriteJS game you need to install NodeJS. Once done use the package manager you like most:

npm create typesprite@latest
yarn create typesprite
bunx create-typesprite@latest

Following the prompts you get a subdirectory that looks like this:

├── assets
│   ├── Rect.ts
│   ├── RectSinusControl.ts
│   ├── RectUserControl.ts
│   └── world.edf
├── package.json
├── tsconfig.json
└── ...

After that:

# in project dir
npm install
npm run dev
# in project dir
yarn dev
# in project dir
bun install
bun run dev

The assets folder is a special folder which contains your game components (*.ts), your assets (*.png, *.wav, etc.) and your world description files (*.edf). Sub-directories underneath assets will work too.

Exploring the example should give you the hints you need to have fun with the engine. To learn the details read on and consider joinin the Discord.

Syntax Highlight for *.edf files

EDF in Visual Studio Code
  • Install ini-for-vscode (or similar if not available)
    • CMD + SHIFT + P and select Preferences: Open User Settings (JSON)
    • Add the lines below:
"files.associations": { 
    "*.edf": "ini",
EDF in Webstorm/IntellJ

Follow steps outlined here