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Game Engine

A Typescript 2D game engine for quick prototyping, game jams and web developers who are interested in game dev. MIT License.

Under development. Expect things to change
Fully charged!
A single package to create, develop and build/bundle your game. Load assets, compose reusable entity definitions, create Typescript based components. Manage resources without pain.
2D graphics engine (WebGL)
Create sprites, draw shapes and layout bitmap font texts in a comfy scene graph. Optimized for batching to let the GPU do its job without interruptions.
Automatic SpriteSheet generation
You can use a folder with PNGs and Aseprite files (if you have the program) to quickly create and update SpriteSheets.
Bundling solved.
Write your game in Typescript without thinking about bundling. It works out of the box. esbuild powered.
Consume custom formats
Write custom 'ResourceLoader' and 'PropertyParser' to load the things you need.
Good neighbor
No globals, no singletons. The bundled result is easy to integrate into real world web environments. Using tools like Tauri/Cordova you can even package downloadable binaries.